Mogi is short for the mortgage that gives — to you and to others.

We’re FNBO (First National Bank of Omaha) and we’re proud to offer a different kind of mortgage experience.

With a mortgage from Mogi, we contribute to stable housing in your community while providing you discounts and a great home buying experience.

Mogi provides:

  • $700 in mortgage discounts and competitive rates
  • As little as 3-5% down
  • Dedicated loan officers to answer questions during your
    entire mortgage process
  • A new effort to help stable housing in your area

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Mogi MortgageSM
The Mortgage That GivesSM

Gives you $700 in discounts1

No loan application, origination or processing fees.

Gives you cost savings with competitive interest rates

FNBO is an independent and family-owned bank with a 160-year history of doing what's right for our customers.

Gives you peace-of-mind with a dedicated mortgage expert

All of your answers in one place, from one person, from start to finish, with no run-around.

Gives back to YOUR community

Stable housing is one of the foundational building blocks of strong communities. And a strong community is a financial engine that benefits all.

Why does stable housing matter?

Fact: access to stable and affordable housing in a safe and vibrant neighborhood is one of the foundations of a family’s well-being and a major driver of wealth. As a bank that’s focused on doing what’s right, we contribute to the cause.

In 2016 we made a commitment to help our community partners build, rehabilitate or finance 5,000 homes by 2020. To date, we’ve helped create 2,799 that opened their front doors to new families.

About FNBO

We’re FNBO (First National Bank of Omaha) and we’ve taken a different path to become a different kind of bank.

We’re an independent and family-owned bank. We’re focused on the long view instead of the next quarter. It’s been our recipe for success for generations.

We never forgot the lessons of starting small. When customers are neighbors and neighbors are friends, it puts a different perspective on customer service. It’s a difference you’ll still see with us today.

Giving back is part of our DNA. Foundationally, we believe a bank can be a force for good in the world. Since we have the ability, we have a responsibility to help where we can.

More than 160 years and counting. The simple things truly add up, like day-after-day commitment to everyone we serve